Html Helpers

Html helpers are like functions/methods, they are pretty easy to create and very useful.

Helpers can be created in a complete different view called “HtmlHelpers.cshtml” for example. But for the sake of this post ill add it to my  current view.

<h1>Helper view</h1>
@helper MyCustomHelper(string name, string place) {
Hi <span style="background-color:#dddbdb">@name</span> !
Welcome to : <span style="background-color:#dddbdb">@place</span>

@MyCustomHelper(name:"Dev" , place: "public string notes")

“MyCustomHelper” its pretty self explanatory, it has 2 string which can be used witht the usual “@”.

The result:


Now if you need to clone this block, just call the method and send another string as param, no need to write more code. Keep it DRY.



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